What does “prepped” mean? 
It means that I’ve prepared the panties however you want, whether it’s by cumming in them, simply wearing them, or spraying perfume on them. 

How much are your panties? 
Each pair is priced according to how much I like them, how old they are, and/or physical condition. If you see a pair you like, click the picture and read the caption below the pictures.

How do I order? 
First, find a pair you like, note the price, go to my payment page, send me the amount listed, and then email me with your name, mailing address, and how you’d like them prepared. Please don’t email me before you know what you want and you’ve paid, it makes it really hard for me to track orders, not to mention, I’m not fond of endless emails since most questions are answered right here. 

Do you have leggings, pantyhose, bras, etc?
Yes, but since these are specialty items, I don’t usually post pictures of them. Email me and tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll quote you a price. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Are there panties for sale that aren’t pictured here? 
Yes. I usually can’t keep up with my stock. I have most cuts, styles, and a lot of colors available. If you’re looking for something specific, ask me if I have it. If you have a specific pair you’d like to buy me and have me wear, I accept gift cards, but the sale price would remain the same, usually around $50. Yes, even if you bought me the panties.